Maximus Decidus

*Name: Maximus Decimus Played by ZacharyHill227

High Concept:Emissary of the Sky

Trouble:Caught in the Middle

Physical: OOOOOO
Mental: OOOO
Emotional: OOO

Background: Max grew up in California where his mother is partnered in a very successful law firm. He is no stranger to money and lots of it. His father was never in the picture and his mother never talked about him. She would usually head off those questions with money or whatever it was that Max desired at the time
Aspect:Hand in the cookie jar
Invoke: Has money and Resources enough that he can get pretty much whatever he desires.
Compel: Having access to so much money and influence makes him easily recognizable.

Rising Conflict:Went to school at Oxford and got a degree in classics. He picked up a few languages including Latin and Ancient Greek. Max never seems to be able to avoid getting caught in the middle of everything. He was visiting some friends in the city and heard screaming. He ran to the source of it and discovered a woman being attacked and managed to save her. Max fought off five different attackers getting wounded pretty badly. Little did he know his actions were noticed by unseen persons.
Aspect:Bring it on tough guy
Invoke: When outnumbered Max can count on his past battles to help him win.
Compel: Max is a sucker for a damsel in distress and will place himself in harms way to protect them.

The Story:While in Seattle to visit the famous Pike Place Market he was attacked by a pair of Red Court Vampires. He narrowly eluded them until sunrise. While sleeping off his harrowing night he was visited by the god Jupiter who gave him a gladius, a golden bracelet and a ring. After instructing him how to use both of them he made Max swear an oath that he would use these to protect innocents and to accept quests when presented with them from Jupiter. Max was able to destroy the Vampires with help from a Mr. Robert Parker whom he met and assisted. Max now resides in Seattle helping those in need and doing odd jobs bestowed by Jupiter.
Aspect:The old ball and chain
Invoke: Since his father is the ruler of the Roman gods he is able to consult with most of the lesser gods on occasion and can even ask a few of the more well known gods for help.(Not the he will receive it.)
Compel: Max is honor bound to help Jupiter. He also recieves alot of anger from his stepmother Juno.(Hera)

Superb(5): Resources
Great(4): Conviction, Discipline
Good(3): Endurance, Lore, Scholarship
Fair(2): Contacts, Empathy,Fists, Weapons
Average(+1): Athletics, Deceit, Investigation, Presence, Rapport

Mortal Stunts:
Lush Lifestyle

Supernatural Powers:
Item of Power +2
Marked by Power -1
Inhuman Speed -2
Inhuman Toughness -2
The Catch (Roman Steel) +1
Channeling (Air) -2
Refinement -1
Beast Form (Wolf) -1
Refresh 3/-7

Focus Items:
Bracelet(golden, chain made out of little lightning bolts)-Air defensive control +2/Air defensive power +2
Ring(silver, Has the letters SPQR inscribed on it as well as lightning bolts and a few wind wisps)-Offensive power +1/Control +1
Magic:Sputum-Bracelet focus item-can create a shield of solid air or to help shape a veil.
Fugural-Ring focus item-causes lightning to leap out at the target.
Ventus-Ring focus item-allows the user to control gusts of wind into powerful attacks.

Maximus Decidus

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