Robert Parker

Basic Character Info:
Name: Robert Parker Played by that sexy beast Selrach (he ain’t no hollaback girl – SoS)
Age: 25
Weight: 165
Height: 5’11"
Occupation: Many..including thief
Build: Wiry
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Equipment normally carried:
Two Heavily Modified Browning High Powers
Thieves’ Tools (including lockpick, screwdriver ect…)
Spare clips
Folding Knife

High Concept: Trash Talking, Kneecapping Do-Gooder
Robert Parker always tries to do what he thinks is right. Unfortunately for the people that get in his way that can get pretty messy.
Invoke: Used for taunts, intimidation, trying to convince people he is doing the right thing or shooting someone in the kneecaps.
Compel: To use excessive force, to mouth off, to force Robert to do the “right” thing

Trouble: Just Try and Stop Me
Stubborness is normally seen as a heroic, but like all things it is in moderation. Robert Parker has this in spades, to the point where it is almost a vice. Once he sets his mind on something, just try to stop him…
Compel: For Robert Parker to not stop or accept help with anything. He’s independent dammnit!

Background:Seattle Street Rat
Robert Parker had a mother or father. At least he is sure he did, but won’t say anything else on the subject. Robert Parker was on his own from a young age, but he managed to get by. He worked whatever jobs he could, legal or otherwise, and met some people who taught him some valuable lessons along the way. He may not have a biological family but he damn near made one on the streets.
Invoke:To get knowledge about things going on, to hide, to steal things, to know street people
Compel: To not know how to act in certain situations, to be distrustful of authority, to feel protective of street people

Rising Conflict: Criminal to Hero
Invoke:To Fight Crime, To think like a criminal, to act like a criminal
Compel: For police trouble, for “buddies” asking for favors, for people to think of him as a criminal

Your Story: Lucked into Hodur’s Shroud
Robert Parker got the tip off about a big score moving into town and decided to “look into” things. To this day he does not know what he really encountered, but in the process his shirt was burned and clawed to shreds. He grabbed the nearest thing he could and it happened to be the Shroud of Hodur. With the aid of the Shroud he managed to escape and one day he might forget that incident…yea maybe
Invoke: For using the Powers of Hodur’s Shroud. For being lucky
Compel: For inexperience with the item, to follow Hodur’s agenda (see item), for bad luck

[-1] Guns Akimbo: When wielding two guns, Robert can add half the Weapon value of the second weapon to stress dealth
[-1] Way of the Gun: Guns are your area of expertise. You may use your Guns skill to build and repair firearms. Add 1 to the stress inflicted by each attack you make with a gun that you either made or modified heavily. This stunt also allow for declarations about guns.
[-1] I Know Just the Guy: +1 to gathering info with Contacts and at 1 time increment faster
[-1] Cat Burglar: Moves Hiding and Skulking trappings to burglarly
[-1] Takes One to Know One: May use Deceit to catch someone in a lie

[-2] Shroud of Hodur
[-0] It is what it is: A large dark cloak that ripples between blacks, greys and deep blues. The cloak seems to drink light with strange red highlights
[-0] Indestructible: The cloak can only be destroyed by a Sunfire Ritual
[-0] Purpose: Hodur originally tried to use the cloak to hide from his siblings as he killed Balder and was pretty successful until he took it off. The cloak contains some of the feelings of its original owner and feels the need to make up for its past mistakes and protect the line of Balder and distrust Loki.
[-1] Cloak of Shadows: Which Grants:
See in the Dark:Perception skill rolls are not penalized by darkness
Melt in the Shadows:2 to Stealth Rolls when hiding in darkness
[-1] Flight: The cloak gathers around the user in a crowd of shadows and the user seems to walk on steps of shadow
[-2] Inhuman Speed: Which Grants:
Improved Initiative: +4 to Alertness for determining Initiative order
Athletic Ability: +1 to Athletics checks and +2 to Sprinting
Casual Movement: May move 1 zone as a supplemental without the -1
Almost to fast to See:Difficulty factors due to moving are reduced by 2 when rolling Stealth
2] Item of Power Discount

Total: -7
Fate Points: 3

+5 Superb:Athletics
+4 Great: Guns,Burglarly, Alertness
+3 Good:Endurance,Intimidation, Deceit
+2 Fair:Contacts, Fists, Presence
+1 Average:Might, Drive, Conviction

Stress Tracks

Robert Parker

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